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What is Transcendental Meditation? (TM)

Transcendental meditation. Sounds complicated right? Is it something to do with being in a trance? Something that requires a lot of time and effort? In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

Transcendental meditation is the simplest, most beneficial practice that you may ever incorporate into your life. So, what is it?

‘Meditation’ simply means ‘thought’ and ‘transcendence’ is to go beyond thought. The layers of our mind can be compared to the depths of the ocean. How would you describe your thought pattern at this present moment? Is it a choppy, rough wave surging through your mind or a flat, calm sea of tranquillity?


Transcendental meditation helps us to look beyond the surface of our thought patterns and delve into the depths of a deeper state of awareness. Imagine the ocean again, this time picturing yourself in a submarine, slowly sinking deep into the depths of a calm, quiet sea-bed. Notice how peaceful it is here, how the rocking of turbulent waves can no longer be felt. Transcendental meditation helps us to go beyond all mental activity and reach this place of tranquillity, or transcendental consciousness. This state exists in all of us, every minute of every day; we just need to tap into it. Unlike sleep however, we are wide awake, yet in a state of deep rest.

Sounds like a lot of effort right?

Nope. It requires no level of concentration or effort. All you have to do is sit in a comfortable position, with your eyes closed for 20 minutes, twice a day. When we practise this our attention is drawn inwards to the quiet, calm, happy state that our mind naturally wishes to exist within. To aid this process of focusing within ourselves, a mantra is taught by a TM teacher to help us relax into transcendental consciousness.

So, how will I benefit from Transcendental Meditation?

If practised on a daily basis, there is a great deal of scientific evidence to support the following benefits:

- Reduced stress and anxiety
- Decreased blood pressure
- Decreased cortisol levels in the body (hormone related to stress)
- Reduced rates of heart attack and strokes
- Reduced symptoms of PSTD
- Promotes health and longevity

Not only are there many physical health benefits, but meditation can also really aid our clarity of thinking and promote an increase in intelligence and creativity.

Imagine a wind up torch. All day every day, we are winding our mind up and up and up, absorbing millions of different pieces of information from people, the media and our surroundings. If we keep winding the torch very quickly in short bursts here and there, we will only disperse a weak, intermittent light. Now imagine a solar light. It sits in your garden all day long, simply being and enjoying the suns natural light. There is no effort involved. Similarly, to a person enjoying the natural, happy state of transcendental consciousness. However, when dusk falls the solar light has the strength to shine brightly all night long, even amongst complete darkness. Which light would you rather be?

You can ask your local TM representative (for Falmouth), Kellie Gilmour at how this technique may help you.

Or if you would like to find out more about TM Meditation why not come along to your local meet up group, make some new friends and learn to meditate in a safe and supportive environment:

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