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Running throughout the year in Falmouth and can also be taken online via Zoom.  Please get in touch to arrange for your local area, national and overseas venues. 

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A six week course exploring the many and varied methods of meditation to find the right technique for you

Introduction to meditation methods

Starting a meditative practise will be one of the best things that you will ever do for yourself, but only if you actually continue to do it!  It must be fairly effortless and fitting for your personal lifestyle, otherwise it could become just another chore in the day.

And what IS meditation?  Ask any number of teachers and you might get any number of different answers.  There are literally 100s of techniques of meditation, but which one is right for you?  This course will talk you through the meditation alphabet from Affirmations to Zazen, and walk you through the maze of methods from Mindfulness to Mantras, Transcendental to Transformational.

It's a relaxed, fun and friendly weekly 2 hour class on selected weekday evenings or weekend days/evenings to suit.

"I am blown away by how good the classes are.  Kellie is an amazing host and it’s very clear how knowledgeable she is.  I feel very comfortable in the workshops and feel like I have learned a lot and able to put lots of the techniques in practice"  FR, Introduction to Meditation Methods Course Participant

"Excellent, very engaging, made meditating easy to understand, to do, and great information shared"  AW, Introduction to Meditation Methods Course Participant

"The variety of meditation techniques that were presented to us gave us the possibility to compare to see the ones that corresponded the most to our personality and needs and to see what we felt more comfortable with, giving me the confidence in my ability to meditate.  

Kellie shared her experience and gave us personalised advice according to how we reacted to the exercises. 

She is very professional.  She closely listened to us and was always very positive which produced confidence and motivation. 

I feel I can continue exploring the meditation techniques we discovered during the sessions. More than something one can find on the internet or in books, I am eager to take a deep look in this material because it feels more personal"  CC, Introduction to Meditation Methods Course Participant

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This course can be modified to suit your organisation, employees or private group and can be delivered online.